Working and Updated Car Town Cheats

Working and Updated Car Town Cheats

As promised I’ll be giving you a fresh, updated and working car town cheats. But before that, let me tell you that aside from cheat codes for car town, I’ll also be giving you what software or “bot” that I am using to earn coins or money and level up quickly in car town. So you can download a pdf guide that contain not only car town cheats, but also guides, tips, tricks and walkthrough that can make your life in car town very easy. You can also download car town bot that can do the job for you like upgrading, unlocking and buying and selling of cars, and a lot more features that can make your car town account level up and rich really quick.

Car Town Bot – Next Generation Car Town Cheats

I use this car town bot and it really helped me a lot. Automating your task is awesome, just make a couple of click and there you go. This car town bot can auto complete task auto unlock all cars, auto accept friend requests, auto accept gifts, auto complete challenge and many more. It can even race for you and win most of the time.


Below is the Screenshot of the bot:

Car Town Cheats Bot and Templates

Below is the explanation of the buttons and forms to fill in the bot.

Facebook Email – This one is your email address that you are using in Facebook. This is needed in order to access your account in car town.

Facebook Password – This is a self-explanatory, this will be needed together with your email to access car town.

Type of Automation – You can choose in the drop down menu whether you are going with full automation or semi automation. Full automation will be hands off just hit the play button and there you go. The bot will take care of the rest. Select Semi automation if you want to automate some task and want the other task done manually.

Race Option – This is a new feature that will enable you to do a race and won most of the time. I’m not sure what the reason is but I can only win like 80% of the time. This car town cheats especially if you want to leave your computer; you will have a tremendous amount of money by doing this trick.

Unlock All Cars Button – By clicking this button, you will enable access to all cars. I’m not sure if this cheat will be available forever, it is possible that this can be patched since it really gives an edge to those players that use this trick in car town.

Auto Complete Challenge – This button will enable the option to auto-complete all task and challenge. This option is also quite self-explanatory.

Accept All Gift Button – As the name says, this will auto accept all the pending gifts that is available to you. Just click this button and you will receive all the gifts in car town.


After Filling up the form and choosing your preferred option, just click the play button, the green button at the top left part of the bot. Depending of your chosen option, you will just let the bot do all the task and see the money flowing in your account. You can also level up quickly in car town buy using this bot.

Some players prefer not to use bot but rather want to use the conventional car town cheats, tricks and guides. I played this car town long enough to know the basic and advance car town cheats available on the net. I have compiled all working and updated car town cheats in one document and you can down load it below.


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